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Why buy a premium domain name?
your domain name is your brand, and great brand can make magic happen.



Easy to Remember
Usually the difference between success and failure depends on how easy it is for people to locate your website. Domain names are destinations. A good domain makes an easy to remember destination.

Efficient Marketing
A catchy domain name is perfect for non-internet based advertising (such as television commercials and newspaper ads) since people who see your offline ad will remember your URL more easily.

Trust & Credibility
Your premium domain will give customers an instant sense of trust, credibility and authority since fly-by-night operations are not run on good domains. This valuable trust will lead to higher conversions.

Brand Protection
A great domain is an investment in your brand and will protect your brand. Your domain is 100% unique. Once you own it, no one else can (and if you don't own it somebody else probably will).

Direct Traffic
A lot of premium domains already receive type-in traffic. Type-in traffic basically means that a visitor decides to bypass the search engines by typing your site directly into their browser. This is the best kind of traffic as it is highly targeted and free.

Solid Investment
Comparable to real estate, domains are investments. Domain values increase over time as domain authority grows. If you consider that your domain is really an online storefront, it makes sense to invest in the best "location" you can afford.

Word of Mouth
Your short and memorable domain name will increase direct word of mouth referrals which typically carry extremely high conversion rates.

Funding and Partners
Building your business on a premium domain can increase your chances of securing funding or forming strategic partnerships with established companies.

Simple Link Building
Owning a great domain name naturally lends itself to link building. Webmasters are far more likely to link to your website if it is built on a premium domain name.